Lately I’ve been in a major slump. I am not totally happy with where I’m at in life, as is the young adult conundrum I’m sure. But I feel like other people at least have a direction, a goal. They know where they want to be but just haven’t reached it yet. I don’t have a… Continue reading Slump

A Different Kind of “Movies To See” List

You know those stupid “9384590348 Movies to see before you die!!!” lists that seem to be everywhere and are basically the same list over and over again? (Ugh, we get it, Citizen Kane is a good movie.) Yeah, I hate those. I do, however, love movies.  I decided to create my own essential viewing list… Continue reading A Different Kind of “Movies To See” List

50 State Reading Challenge

Brrr. I’m currently bundled up in several blankets trying to combat this insanely cold weather here in “ChiBeria.” I’m getting a little stir crazy having to be cooped up inside, but the general consensus seems to be that if a human steps outside in this temperature (-30 with windchill) they will immediately die. So I’m… Continue reading 50 State Reading Challenge